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Westwood High School Swim and Dive Team
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
—Helen Keller

With over twenty-five years of winning tradition, the Westwood Varsity Swimming and Diving Team is a group of athletes dedicated to their Team, their School and their Sport. Challenging workouts are mixed with team-focused community activities, fund-raisers, trips, and the occasional party.

Membership Requirements:
In order to be considered for membership on the Westwood Varsity Swim and Dive Team all athletes must attend and participate in the scheduled summer tryouts and be committed to being a part of our team.

Swim Season
August through late February

Every school morning at El Salido Pool beginning at 7:00am, with occasional holiday practices. Practice is MANDATORY for swimmers. Divers have individualized practice schedules.

Swim Meets
Dual meets: Early fall, usually after school.
Invitationals: Late fall and winter months - weekend meets
District, Region, and State competitions: January through February - weekend meets

Time Commitment
All practices, on time.
All meets.

Pool Information

Practice Pool
El Salido Pool
11500 El Salido Pkwy
Austin TX 78750

Home Meet Pool
Anderson Mill Pool
10701 School House Ln
Austin TX 78750

For more info about our team please:
Read our Team Handbook ('12-'13)
Contact Coach McBrearty
Team Roster ('12-'13) (pdf)